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Bulletin Board

Induction Hobs:  Be aware if you have an induction hob and have an ICD unit fitted, you must keep a minimum of 24" away from it when it is on!

Dentists:  Please see below information on Dental Equipment from Medtronic, the manufacturer of ICDs.  
Medtronic have confirmed that an Apex Locater device, model type RayPex 5, manufactured by Dentsply, is at Low Risk of being detected by the ICD device and should be safe to be used.  If in doubt, always check first.

For information from Medtronic please go to  

Information on Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) in the home or medical environment can be obtained from the website www.bostonscientific.com/lifebeat-online/

Can I travel abroad?

It is perfectly safe for you to travel as long as your general health allows.  At the airport always show your ICD identification card to security staff and ask to be searched by hand.  Hand-held wand-type devices can temporarily interfere with your ICD.  You can walk straight through the metal detector archway but must not linger underneath this.  The metal casing of the device may cause the security alarm to be activated. 

You will need to inform the holiday insurance company that you have a Bivent ICD.  Some insurance companies require written confirmation that you are able to travel.  Although unable to recommend any particular company we can provide a list of companies that are happy to consider insuring people travelling with a ICD.

If you are concerned about going on holiday with a ICD, the BHF Arrhythmia Nurse Specialist can provide addresses of national and international ICD centres should you require assistance while you are away.  Please inform the BHF Arrhythmia Nurse Specialists of your planned holiday IN ADVANCE and the relevant information for your destination can be obtained.

Kay Elliott, BHF Arrhythmia Nurse Specialist,01305 254920; kay.elliott@dchft.nhs.uk



Travel Insurance Information

Check the website below for details on travel insurance;



Happy traveling!

Kay Elliott (BHF Arrhythmia Nurse Specialist)

Dorset County Hospital, 01305 254920 (Voice Mail) or 01305 251150 Bleep 498, kay.elliott@dchft.nhs.uk